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Joseph Emberton, Architect.1889-1956

bibliography and information sources

1. books

1. "Emberton" : Rosemary Ind, Scolar Press, London & Berkeley 1983 49 pages, 125 black and white plates.

This must be top of the list as it is the only Joseph Emberton biography. The author studied at the Architectural Association in London, and collated information at a time when it was still possible to interview people who knew Emberton and worked with him.

2. "The British Tradition : Simpson - a World of Style" : David Wainwright, Quiller Press, London 1996 147 pages of text and mono as well as colour illustrations.

1. Simpson's own lavish celebratory production telling the story of the famous Piccadilly clothing store from the time it was planned in 1935 to the Nineties. It is especially interesting on the close collaboration between client and architect. The illustrations are comprehensive, with lots on British fashion history as well as the building.

3. "A Touch of Class: Austin Reed's of Regent St. : Berry Ritchie, James and James Press, London 1990 : 141 pages of text and illustrations.

1. Austin Reed's celebratory production which inevitably includes some buildings such as the Regent Street store Emberton worked on while a partner with PJ Westwood in the Twenties.(oddly, the one and only reference in this book to Emberton mistakenly says he was a sculptor).

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