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Joseph Emberton, Architect.1889-1956

bibliography and information sources

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The Architect and Building News

Sept. 4th 1931 : Complete set of drawings of Royal Corinthian Yacht Club with photos.Jan 8th 1932 : Description and drawn detail of climb-resistant railings of the yacht club. August 22nd 1930 : feature on Style and Mantles shop, Marble Arch, London, details of plywood stairs. August 29th 1930 : same project as above, but featuring details of shop front. 31st October 1930 : Union of South Africa, photo of shop window in The Strand,London. 19th September 1930 : feature on Shoe Shop at 368 (568?) The Strand, London for Lotus Shoes.6th February 1931 : feature on shop for The International Refrigeration Company 169 Regent Street London. Oct 7th 1927 : Picture of Madelaine Chaumet shop elevation. (Emberton and Westwood). August 21st 1931 : feature on the Ardath Remainder shop, 98 Regent St. London, mentioning "birmabright" material. January 15th 1932 : section through lighting troughs with explanation. July 3rd 1931 : The Wash Speedway Scheme, Lincolnshire, landscaping. perspective view and explanation. Nov 5th 1926 : Report on the Austin Reed Store, Regent St London. (Emberton and Westwood). 10th Feb 1928 : exterior photos of SummitHouse, Red Lion Square, London (Emberton and Westwood).

Jan 24th 1930 : Plans, photos of interiors and review of Olympia Exhibition hall, London. March 28th 1930 : floor construction of staircase, Olympia. Jan 9th 1931 : Details of Olympia Exhibition Hall. Sept 14th 1934 : article on budget social housing scheme Chapman House, Stepney. June 28th 1935 : entrance details, Fun House,Blackpool Pleasure Beach. June 28th 1935 : Blackpool Pleasure Beach, control tower details, children's playground, plan of Fun House and ceiling and section of Express Station. Also layout of fun park with plan of the Grand National ride. 23rd June 1939 : report and details of HMV Store Oxford St. London. May 8th 1936 : report on Simpson's Store, Piccadilly, London. May 22d 1936 : Simpson's - detailed sections of frontage. May 15th 1936 Main staircase details of Simpson's, with light fittings. 28th July 1939 : report on the Casino, Blackpool Pleasure beach. June 21st 1935 : Bon Marchee, Liverpool, details of screen in restaurant. June 12th 1935 : Bon Marchee, Liverpool, details of light fittings in restaurant. July 19th 1935 : Bon Marchee, Liverpool, details of bandstand and service tables.

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