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Joseph Emberton, Architect.1889-1956

bibliography and information sources

2. periodicals (continued)

2. Architect's Journal Articles

March 23rd 1927, report on detailing at Austin Reed's, Regent Street, including staircase detailing. June 22nd 1927 article "Plywood of Today" - shows some use of plywood at Austin Reed's Store, Regent Street. September 28th 1927 : Entrance details for Austin Reed's Glasgow, photos and report. January 29th 1930 Editorial comment on Olympia, Hammersmith, London. Also photos and more detailed plans and sections. June 11th 1930, shop front for Allen-Liversidge Ltd, 123 Victoria Street, London SW (very interesting). March 11th 1931 : Photo and working drawings of stanchion casing and light fittings, Olympia. July 29th 1931 Entrance door details of International Refrigerator Company Shop, 169 Regent Street, London. June 1st 1932, cantilevered steel detail. 7th September 1932 : Isometric view of exhibition stand for ICI at a building exhibition. June 20th 1934 Timothy Whites Store, Southsea, shopfront details, plan. January 17th 1935, details of illuminated tower of Fun House, Blackpool Pleasure Beach. 25th July 1935, axonometric details of Grand National Ride, Blackpool Pleasure Beach. June 4th 1936, staircase detail, Simpson's. November 19th 1936, working details of lift, Simpson's. May 6th 1937 , light fitting working detail, Simpson's. May 11th 1939, very fine photo of staircase in HMV store, Oxford Street, London. May 21st 1936 , report on Simpson's clothes

store, Picaddilly, London. Includes external lighting details, structural analysis of building and lamp design. June 22nd 1939, shopfront details of HMV store. August 3rd 1939, details of cabaret area stage lighting, The Casino, Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

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