Joseph Emberton,
1889 -1956

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"It wasn't until after his death and people started coming around to the house asking for drawings that I discovered that Joe was a famous architect......I knew he was very successful, of course, but I had no idea that he was that famous. "

Joseph Emberton

- Kathleen Emberton, his widow.

Some things to know about Joseph Emberton:

1. He was most probably the first Englishman to be a modernist architect.

2. His output during the 1930s was prolific, and his work was regularly published in the architectural journals of that period.

3. Many regarded Joseph Emberton as the no. 1 London architect at that time.

4. He also had an international reputation - The Royal Corinthian Yacht Club was selected to represent Great Britain's entry in the highly influential 1932 New York exhibition (and book) called "The International Style" by Hitchcock and Johnson.

4. Very few of his drawings survive.

5. However some very interesting buildings designed by him survive and these will be featured on this website.



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Spiral Stairs, HMV Oxford Steet 1938


The Royal Corinthian Yacht Club 1931

photo 1998, the curator